Monday, June 23, 2014

MIND/SHIFT: Create, Capture, Upload: New Site Features Kids’ Digital Projects

I love Mind/Shift!!! ... continually sharing ideas and innovations on education and learning.
Apparently, a new free site has been created for children to post their projects and work. Although I haven't explored it, it seems like a great idea! Pictures can be uploaded by kids with comments or explanations about the project. It could be as simple as sharing a 100% on a spelling test. Friends or relatives could view the success!
It is privacy protected.
DIY could  be a place that students can post projects created in class possibly. I'm anxious to hear about this success of this site.
Create, Capture, Upload: New Site Features' Digital Projects, May 1, 2012

Here is another link and slideshow from here & now, Wednesday, November 28, 2012
 DIY Website For Kids Is A Gallery Of Ideas

NPR: To Boost Attendance, Milwaukee Schools Revive Art, Music And Gym

The specials are soooo important to students, especially those who excel in art, music, or physical /sports activities. Specials don't necessarily give students a break from the 3r's as mentioned in the last sentence of the recording. Instead the specials give the brain a chance to reconfigure. More brain breaks most likely will awaken neurons that may have be idling or waiting for action. Why can't more art, music, and physical activities be included/integrated with academics! This might assist some students with engaging in academic areas which are either uninteresting or a struggle for some students.