Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is me!

This will be my 30th year as an elementary Learning Support teacher in the same district in which I started teaching. My role has changed through the years. For years I taught EMR and LD students in a classroom in which the students were in my special education room based on need, but usually for 4 or more hours a day. I basically was the students' main teacher each day. Next, for several years my classroom consisted of 14-16 K-6th graders with disabilities. For the next many years my classroom consisted of 12-15 K-3rd graders of "need" usually for most subjects. The last few years our school building became an "inclusive" school. So, my role has changed. I've been co-teaching with K-2nd for reading and/or math. Our district uses PLC (Professional Learning Communities) and is developing the use of the PRTII to determine the needs of all students. In our building I'm on the K, 1st, and 2nd grade teams. I'm on the Learning Support team for our district. And, I'm on the "At Risk" team for our building. Our building has established a 30 minute enrichment/intervention time for all students daily. So, currently I'm usually delivering interventions to regular education students who are on Tiers 2 0r 3 and to LS students daily. This coming year I also will be working with the 3rd grade teachers in our building for the first time. I guess that I'll be on the 3rd grade team, too. It seems that every year is a new adventure.
I became interested in acquiring an Instructional Media degree after taking an online class on UDL (Universal Design of Learning). I'm excited, yet anxious to learn to do all the things that my sons can do with technology. Also, I want to be able to share what I learn with my colleagues, especially when developing interventions for students.

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