Sunday, August 8, 2010

EDIM508 Week 7: Places Online That Will Contribute to My Professional Growth

The Discovery Educational Network (DEN)hosts many educational blogs across the U.S. which are worth the time to explore. The blogs are written by numerous leaders of educational technology.I plan on reading blogs and posts in the DEN for my professional growth. It a very resourceful place to visit. There is so much in the DEN that it can be overwhelming. If I set a time every week to explore as much as I can within a timeframe, I'm sure that I will have expanded my knowledge on the use of digital technology for educational purposes. It will also increase my Professional Learning Network (PLN).

While exploring the DEN, I found an awesome site which I will continue to follow for my professional growth Angela Maiers is a leader in 21st century education. Being an advocate for the use of technology in education, she conducts workshops and training sessions on 21st Century Learning, critical thinking, reading, and communication. On her site, which she continually updates, Angela posts parts of her presentations along with slides. Examples of a few are: Passion Driven Learning, Question Asking: An Essential 21st Century Skill, Professional Learning Networks. Links to the Top 100 Language Blogs and the Top 100 Edublogs are on her site. She posts her favorite videos and books which she recommends. She has even published a book Classroom Habitudes. On her site, comments which include more links to more resources can be found. I feel that her web site is the path to my future. I, also, follow her on Twitter where she daily shares videos, new innovations with technology, and effective educational practices. Angela Maiers is an inspiration!

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  1. Edu-"cat" you made my day!! I love meeting other passionate educators trying to change the world in big and small ways. I am very honored and humbled by your post.

    Have a great start to the school year, and share lots of stories on the blog for all to celebrate and learn from!