Tuesday, July 13, 2010

EDIM508 Blog: Incorporating Digital Media in an Interdisciplinary Activity

The activity that I'm going to discuss is one that is being encouraged in all math classes from K-12. It is a skill that is assessed on PSSA's. Students are asked to write the steps they used in solving math problems. This skill involves math knowledge and being able to express knowledge in writing. For this activity the writing would need to be very sequential without omitting important thought processes. Kindergarteners, early first graders, and students with writing disabilites could express their strategies orally. To incorporate digital media into this activity, students could post blogs with a teacher made weblog for the math class. The blogs should express their strategies for solving an assigned math problem. I believe that many students might be surprised at how many different ways a problem can be solved when reading other blogs. In fact, I believe that teachers are often amazed at the students' thought processes! I believe that it would be possible for non-writers or those with less writing abilities to be able to draw how they solved the problem and record their strategies on a program such as SAM Animation ( )or some other program that I am not familiar with yet. Maybe some other teachers may have some ideas on how this could be done.
This activity is interdisciplinary because it involves math, oral or written expression, reading (of others' blogs) and incorporates the digital media of blogging.

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