Tuesday, July 6, 2010

u02a1 EDIM508 Blog on Digital Media: Using a Video Segment

One of the reading themes for our school's second grade is Around Town: Neighborhood and Community. The pieces of literature are about various cultural families who live in cities. Our school setting is rural and many children go on vacations "to the mountains" of Pennsylvania. They rarely visit cities and have little background knowledge when this literature is presented. With Discovery Education streaming I located a video Let's Explore: In the City in which a host answers childrens' questions about a city. Video segments from it answer questions about What is a City?, Neighbors and Community, Transportation in the city, Homes in the city, Buildings in a city, Things To See and Do in a city, Workers and Jobs in a city and a Review. The use of these video segments throughout the theme would assist students in understanding the vocabulary associated with neighborhoods, communities, cities, and various cultural language that is presented. This in turn will improve the students comprehension of the literature.
My specific goal is to increase vocabulary and improve comprehension. The video segment that I will focus on for a specific topic will be Neighbors and Community. This video segment includes a visit to Chinatown. The first piece of literature that is read for this theme is titled Chinatown.
1. Discuss knowledge from the students about cities, possibly from visits or movies seen. Chart vocabulary about the city elicited from the students.
2. Visually present the words "neighborhood" and "community". In the classroom students will point to their neighbors and discuss what it means to be a neighbor. Ask the students if they have any other neighbors. Introduce the video segment and watch Neighbors and Community.
3. As a class, build a community with different neighborhoods using different types of blocks for each neighborhood.
4. Think, Pair, Share about the video segment: The teacher will name the topic. One partner will compare the city with our town and rural neighborhoods. The other partner will contrast the city with our rural and town neighborhoods. The topics will be: buildings, homes, traffic, transportation, people, food.
5. Writing activity: You are visiting your friend who lives in Chinatown.
Choice A: Write 4 sentences that tell what you think you will see and do.
Choice B: Write 4 very different types of questions you want to ask you friend about Chinatown.

Prior to the reading of the story Chinatown, the following words will be presented with digital images/video segments: tai chi, herbs, seafood, cobbler, wok, Chinese New Year celebration.
Here is the video segment.

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